Your Key to Success with Master Sri Akarshana, Spiritual Master

Your Key to Success with Master Sri Akarshana, Spiritual Master

Do you have what it takes to succeed? For most people, the formula to a successful life is a combination of talent and hard work. But according to Master Sri Akarshana , there’s one tried and tested key to success: the Law of Attraction.

How does Master Sri Akarshana’s Law of Attraction ensure your success?

The Law of Attraction has one rule: to set it and forget it. More specifically, it involves several processes that can help you attract the desired outcome.

When it comes to “setting” your goals, for instance, you must take note of the following:

  • Intention

What do you intend to achieve with your goals? It must all start from one thought, where you determine your innermost desires.

Then, take your thoughts and solidify them. Write your goals down, speak them into existence, and let the universe hear you what you want to achieve the most.

  • Clarity

Gaining clarity can help you put your whole trust in the process. As your goal becomes more apparent, it will be much easier for you to take actions that can lead to positive results.

  • Emotion

Words will have no meaning without emotion. Stay true to yourself, visualising your desires and asking yourself why you want to reach certain milestones in your life.

  • Focus

Finally, allow your energy to flow into your goals. Again, stay focused on a single result and direct your actions and thoughts towards success.

Once you have outlined your expected outcome, it’s time to forget it entirely. The practise might seem counterproductive; however, “forgetting” your goals can attract success even more effectively:

  • Detachment

It’s hard to let go of something you invested in for so long. However, this step is crucial to the process, especially once your expectations go beyond your initial goals.

  • Trust

According to Master Sri Akarshana , the opposite of trust is fear. And placing your trust in your greatest fears can be terrifying, but it’s also the only way to let go of doubt and achieve peace.

  • Allowing

Lastly, you must learn to accept the world around you, no matter how difficult it is. This final step allows you to embrace negative experiences and open yourself up to positivity, ultimately leading to success.

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