Frequently Ask Questions

  • General

Q: How long will I Am Creator take to reply to my e-mails?

A: We make every possible effort to respond to all emails in 3-5 working days.

Q: How can I learn more about manifestation?

A: You can find out more about joining Creators Circle here.

You can also follow Master Sri Akarshana on his official Facebook page.

Q: I have a question about my syllabus content, how can I find help?

A: The best way is to open a discussion in the dedicated Workplace community

Q:  I am an existing customer and have a technical question, who can help me? 

A: Our customer service team will be happy to answer any technical or after-sale queries you may have.

  • Event

Q: When is the next upcoming event in 2020?

A: You can keep up to date with all forthcoming events right here, on our events page 

  • Creator Circle

Q: How do I join Creators Circle+ ?

A: You can find all the information on becoming a CC+ member right here.

Q: Is joining Creators Circle+ a lifetime membership commitment?

A: No. CC+ has a flexible, monthly membership, enabling you to renew monthly and cancel at any time. The monthly membership allows members access to the online course, regular Hangouts, and other benefits. You will have access to the online sources as long as you’re still a member.

Q: How would I cancel my CC+ membership?

A: The subscription can be canceled at any time and the membership will be valid until the end of the billing cycle. Simply send us an email in the following format : [Unsubscribe CC+] – Name – Billing Date (if you knew it) ; eg. [Unsubscribe CC+] – John Smith – 20/06.

Q: Can I change my CC+ payment method? 

A: Yes, simply send your request with your details attached, in the following format : [Payment Method] – Name – Billing Date (if you knew it) ; eg. [Payment Method] – John Smith – 20/06. We need to know the expiry date and last 4 digits of your previous payment card, as well as the full details of your new payment card, including the full 16 digits card number, expiry date, cardholder name, and billing address.

  • Infinity Band

Q: How can I purchase Infinity Band?

A: The Infinity Band is an exclusive product for CC+ members. Once you have joined CC+, you will be able to purchase one.

Q: What sizes of Infinity Band are available?

A: Medium – 35cm

Large – 40.5 cm

Extra Large – 45cm

Q: What does Infinity Band do?
A: Infinity band enhances your manifestation power and shields your energy. It has been meditated on and recharged with powerful positive energies by Master.

Q: Does it need cleansing and how do it?
A: For the very first cleansing just after receiving the infinity band, we recommend placing it on top of Himalayan Salt for at least 24 hours.

For general cleaning, from time to time,  place it on Himalayan salt with no time restriction.

Q: Can I wear it in the shower?
A:  No, the infinity band should be removed before shower or swimming. Make sure to keep it in a clean and dry place at all times.

Q: What if it breaks?
A: Do not worry, breakage of the infinity band doesn’t affect your energy in any negative way. If you wish to keep wearing it, you can always get a new one.

Q: Does it require to be recharged?
A: Yes, Master does an energy recharge of the bands monthly in CC+ Hangout sessions.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the initial energy recharge only lasts for a month. The monthly recharge is done so Master can give all our Inner Circle members, a better and stronger experience of meditation and manifestation. The more it is recharged, the faster can be the result.

Q: Can I lend it to someone else to wear?
A: No, your band is your energy. You should never lend it to someone else or wear someone else’s band.
Should anyone want to get a personal infinity band, they would have to order it by availing our premium CC+ access.

Q:  Do I need to wear it all the time?
A: We advise you wear it whenever you can, as it’s best for your manifestation and your energy.

Q:  Can I wear it during sleep?
A:  Yes, you can.

  • Community

Q: Why am I having issues accessing the closed Discord and Facebook members’ group? 

A: We have moved the community from Facebook and Discord to Workplace in order for the members to be in an even more positive environment.

You should have received our members-only invitation email for Workplace.
If you haven’t received the emails or are having trouble joining the groups, please send us an email in the following format : [Join Workplace] – Name – Member type (CC+/FLC/GIC) ; eg. [Join Workplace] – John Smith – FLC.

  • Login Issue

Q: I have problems accessing the courses online, why is this?

A: We have recently updated our url from HAkademy to IAmCreator.
The old url/link may contain “HAkademy”; please simply replace it with “IAmCreator” and it should work.
If the issue is not fixed, please send us an email in the following format : [ClickFunnels] – Name – Course Name ; eg. [ClickFunnels] – John Smith – 3 Month Energy Activation.