In 2011, Master Sri Akarshana had achieved financial success… yet at the same time, he was not feeling fulfilled and was going through depression. On one “accidental” trip to Kenya, he was able to see, first hand, how challenging the problem for the less fortunate was. He saw orphans left in the forest with no food, no shelter, no means to stay alive.

On the same trip, he decided he needed to do something about this. He bought a piece of land and set up the orphanage for 75 children, providing food, clothing, and what they needed to cover their basic survival needs.

Very quickly, he realized that just providing survival needs were not sustainable. That’s when the real mission began, searching for sustainable ways of helping.

Later that year, he set up a school to educate the children, giving them a chance in society, an opportunity their circumstances had not given them. And that’s when it clicked. He realized that one of the things he had achieved, yet had lost a sense of purpose, was the most significant resource to build this Foundation and help more people in need: Money.

Ten years later, aside from being the majority contributor for this mission, he has dedicated his time to take a group of volunteers to his Foundation every year. And, with this experience, to help them find the true meaning of life: Contributing beyond oneself, what he refers to as higher purpose.

Besides his project in Kenya, the Foundation has also partnered up and supported other charities around the world. Help has been given raising funds for the Australian forest fires, Earthquake reliefs, and other natural disasters throughout the years.

Master Sri Akarshana now sits on the board of trustees for the I AM CREATOR Foundation, alongside the CEO Acharya Varalakshmi and Charity Chair Lady, Kaïna Pijloo.


There are many challenges that the Foundation has gone through. One of the biggest problems in third-world countries is the corruption in their systems, besides the danger perceived in the environment; violence, stealing and even killing.

Having been there for the past ten years, we now have partners, resources, and connections to have everything in place.


  • Funding: More funding will always allow to reach more people in need and save more lives.
  • Sponsors (Sponsor a Child Program): Having more people commit to $19 donations for children, giving them the essential means to live and aid with their education.
  • Volunteers: To join us on the annual volunteer trip, joining hands on giving personally, or whether it’s volunteering time and efforts on administration and marketing work.


Today I AM CREATOR Foundation has a successful orphanage school and additional land to grow crops and generate sustainability for the center. The main goal is to create sustainable centers in other countries too!

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