Ways to Build Up Your Confidence Level: Master Sri Akarshana

Ways to Build Up Your Confidence Level: Master Sri Akarshana

Does standing in front of a crowd make you feel nervous? You’re not alone. Having the spotlight on you can be nerve-racking, and it won’t get any easier unless you build some confidence. Fortunately, Master Sri Akarshana has some tips on increasing your self-esteem!

How to become more confident, according to Master Sri Akarshana

First things first: What is your definition of confidence? For some people, it’s taking risks no matter the circumstances. For others, it could be about admitting their mistakes with a smile, seeing them as an opportunity to grow.

Take a look at these tips to discover your definition of confidence:

  • Take a look at your achievements.

They don’t have to be grand such as winning an award or starring in a hit movie. List down all the little things such as getting your first job, buying a new house, or even learning a new hobby. And whenever you’re feeling down, take a look at this list and remind yourself of the great things you’ve achieved.

  • Set your goals and follow through.

Do you want to become a best-selling author? Have you always wanted to learn something new? Knowing what you want to do is the first step to becoming more confident, motivating you to start.

But of course, you shouldn’t just keep these goals in writing. In addition, make sure you do everything in your power to follow through with them.

  • Face your fears

It’s impossible to build your confidence without taking some risks. Hence you’ll have to face your biggest fears. But don’t let them discourage you. Instead, take them as an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone, and soon you’ll find yourself being more confident!

Need more tips on building your confidence? Don’t hesitate to participate in the Master the Stage program by Master Sri Akarshana. This course will help you overcome the fear of public speaking and command a strong presence in just five days!

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