STUDIO SETUP (Webinars, Skype Calls, Online Course Recordings & Podcasts Etc.)

This is super convenient set up [my permanent desk setup!].
When you want to knock out a quick video straight from your laptop, I will literally use Photo Booth on my Mac and upload direct from there without need to edit!
[Laptop camera quality is never good so this time we need Cam, Light and Sound.]

HD Webcam

LED table lamp [Cheap and Cheerful!] will do the job!

Podcast Mic

The Mic Arm

MOBILE PHONE SETUP (Facebook & Youtube Live)

There are only 3 things you need to get your phone video looking PRO!
Light, Sound and Something to hold your phone with! So here goes..

This is The Best Portable LED Light EVER at a crazy affordable price!

Best Quality and Most Portable Mic!

Super Portable Mini Tripod [Great for Selfie Arm too!!]

Flat Pack Phone Clamp

Double Hotshoe Mount [You will Need this when you are using Light and Sound at same time!]

You NEED these cables if you are using latest iPhone!
TRS to TRRS Switch

You should have this already [Should have came with your iPhone, if not then you need it!]

And you are complete!! 😉

PRO VIDEO CAMERA for all recording

Sony A7iii
The Only 2 Lenses You Will Ever Need as a Pro Creator:
Sony 16mm – 35mm Lens [Super WIDE perfect for Vlogging!]
Sony 85mm 1.4 Lens [Best for BLOWING OUT the Background!]

You will need this ND filter if you want to keep blur background effect during daylight!

And this to make the same filter work on your 85 lens!

Best Mic Ever!!

Must Have Battery Grip for A7iii [Makes it a Beast!!]

Gorilla pod for Vloggers

The Best Lightweight Full Size Travel Tripod on the Market

Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro


This is the best travel case I take everywhere with me! This will SAVE YOUR BACK!!


All my work is done on here!

Eric Ho favourite backup cam!

Canon 80D [with Flippy Out Screen so you can see yourself!! :D]

Vloggers must have WIDE Lens

The best quality all round lens for canon

Rode Pro Mic [This is the cheaper version to the Pro +, Just remember to turn it on every time! ;)]

Websites, Landing Pages & Emails (Coming Soon)