Learn Yoga for Manifestation and the Law of Attraction with Master Sri Akarshana

Learn Yoga for Manifestation and the Law of Attraction with Master Sri Akarshana

Are you having trouble with manifesting your goals? Master Sri Akarshana (formerly known as Eric Ho) has one solution: the Law of Attraction. And like any other exercise, it must be done with conviction, patience, and maybe even a little bit of yoga.

How yoga can help you understand Master Sri Akarshana’s Law of Attraction better

The Law of Attraction states that you must understand your desires at the deepest level and learn to let go of them when the time comes. It’s all about focusing on your intentions while trusting the universe to let success come to you.

Meanwhile, yoga is designed to help you build strength, harmony, and awareness within your body and mind. As a result, it can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Decrease stress

When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, you’ll notice that some exercises can be overwhelming. Without enough control of your emotions, thinking of these rules will eventually cause stress.

Fortunately, regularly practising yoga can help decrease your stress hormone, allowing you to commit to the Law of Attraction with all your mind, body, and soul.

  • Relieve anxiety

One of the most crucial rules in the Law of Attraction is facing your fears. But unfortunately, doing so can cause anxiety, preventing you from fully letting go of your desires.

Yoga has effectively helped people cope with anxiety, increasing their mindfulness and promoting a sense of peace and calmness.

  • Improve breathing

Breathing is a core aspect of Master Sri Akarshana’s teachings. Without the proper breathing technique, you can invite all sorts of negativity into your life.

What’s great about yoga is that it incorporates various breathing exercises to increase your breath control. These techniques can also help you build endurance and improve your performance as you chase the path to success.

Do you want to practise yoga the way Master Sri Akarshana suggests? You can take his Yoga for Manifestation courses and master the Law of Attraction within a few weeks!

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