Learn to Live a Positive Life with Spiritual Master

Learn to Live a Positive Life with Spiritual Master

“Stay positive” is a phrase often thrown around carelessly. In reality, living a life full of positivity is easier said than done. You’re bound to run into some struggles that can discourage you over time. Fortunately, Spiritual Master – Master Sri Akarshana     can help you overcome these adversities.

How to live a positive life according to the teachings of Spiritual Master Formerly known as Eric Ho

First things first: What does positivity entail? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a feeling—it’s a way of life and a state of mind. Many experts would describe positivity as enjoying the present moment and worrying less about the future.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should ignore your bad experiences. Instead, positivity is all about preventing negative thoughts from clouding your emotions.

With this in mind, what are some ways to look at your experiences in a more positive light? Here are some simple exercises recommended by Spiritual Master – Master Sri Akarshana     :

  • Breathing

Breathing comes naturally to every living thing, as it is necessary to survive. However, breathing for relaxation is an entirely different story.

Stop looking at breathing as a method to supply your lungs with air. Instead, do it as an exercise that allows your mind to pause and think. Take your time as you inhale deeply, holding your breath for a few seconds before you finally exhale and let go of any pent-up negative emotions.

  • Mindfulness

Another way to become aware of your present is to practice mindfulness. This exercise can help you let go of judgment, clear your mind, and reduce stress. Mindfulness can be as simple as paying attention to the world around you, living in the moment, and accepting yourself regardless of your flaws.

  • Focus

Finally, you must learn to focus. For instance, be aware of your conscious and subconscious thoughts as you consider different actions, especially when making life-changing decisions.

According to Spiritual Master – Master Sri Akarshana , becoming conscious of your surroundings can help you stop thinking and acting negatively.

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