Know More About Master Sri Akarshana and Their Events

Know More About Master Sri Akarshana and Their Events

Who is Master Sri Akarshana? In the past, he was better known as Eric Ho, a globally successful businessman. Now, he is a Spiritual Master who is recognised worldwide for his work on the Law of Attraction.

Master Sri Akarshana shares a universal belief in his teachings: not everyone is born with equal opportunities, skills, and knowledge. However, with the proper training, any person can achieve greatness and live with purpose.

If that statement doesn’t make sense to you now, there’s no need to worry. Fortunately, Master Sri Akarshana digs much deeper into this belief through his classes, and you can take advantage of the knowledge he has shared with over 35 million people through the Creators Circle.

What you should know about the Master Sri Akarshana, the Creators Circle, and their events

The Creators Circle is a collective of like-minded individuals reaching out to millions around the globe with online education, live training, and charitable movements. You can explore carefully designed classes on their website, with a course for every situation, such as:

  • The 3-month Energy Activation course

This program introduces you to the most effective ways to relieve stress and achieve your goals. It helps you get rid of negative thoughts, raise your vibrational frequencies, and gain overall clarity.

  • The Platinum Mastermind Retreat

This five-day retreat is unlike any other, allowing you to spend time with like-minded creators and the Spiritual Master himself. During this program, you can discover the key to success as taught by internationally renowned influencers.

If you’re unsure about which class you want to take, the Creators Circle website outlines all their upcoming events. All lessons will be held live online, giving you more freedom to choose what’s best for you.

For instance, the Manifesting Miracles online event provides step-by-step knowledge of manifesting your goals, shining a brighter light on the Law of Attraction.

Don’t miss a single event held by Master Sri Akarshana, and join the Creators Circle movement now!

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