How to Become a Great Leader

How to Become a Great Leader

What does it take for you to be a great leader? Is it influence and a vast network? Or is it humility? There’s no one right answer, but Master Sri Akarshana  may be able to guide you to the best path.

Becoming a great leader: Tips from experts and Master Sri Akarshana Master Sri Akarshana shares one secret to effective leadership, focusing on yourself before connecting with others. Instead of building a group of followers from the get-go, make sure you prioritize service.

This stems from Master Sri Akarshana formerly known as Eric Ho’s personal experience. He struggled to find a purpose until he discovered that helping others has given him more happiness than anything ever has.

In addition, here are some qualities every great leader must have:

  • Empathy

According to Ottawa University, empathy is the #1 leadership skills. It’s about understanding and encouraging your peers to do better with constructive criticism instead of giving out strict orders.

Moreover, it’s essential to foster a mutual sense of respect between you and your followers, and exhibiting empathy is one way to do so.

  • Communication

A great leader is also a good listener, speaker, and writer. After all, you can’t expect people to follow you if you don’t know how to communicate your thoughts properly. For example, listening is highly valued in many workplaces, enhancing collaboration and improving relationships.

  • Adaptability

Change is inevitable, no matter what you do and where you work. But a good leader doesn’t let change affect them negatively — instead, they are ready to face it in full force.

As a result, you must learn to embrace change and strive for innovation, especially for everyone’s betterment!

  • Acceptance

No matter how great a leader you are obstacles cannot be bypassed. However, you shouldn’t take failure as a sign to give up. Instead, you must accept it, learn from your mistakes, and face challenges with renewed vigor!

Do you want to learn more about being an effective leader? Master Sri Akarshana  has a broad selection of courses that can help.

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